Welcome to Coffee and Coelophysis!


Noelle K. Moser published author, blogger and Dinosaur Enthusiast.

Hi, I’m Noelle, pleased to meet you. Join me as I take you back to a time when the most amazing and successful creatues that ever lived roamed the Earth. The Dinosaurs.

In addition to Coffee and Coelophysis, I author several other blogs.

The Kuntry Klucker, a blog about the advantures in keeping backyard chickens.

Knowledge of the Spheres, a blog dedicated to Astronomy, Astrophysics and all this space related.

Chicken Math University, a blog encompassing all my knowledge and experience in homeschooling.

I am a published author, blog contributor, and multi-disciplinary writer with many years of writing and education in various scientific fields. If you would like to contact me please visit my Facebook page.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to Coffee and Coelophysis.

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